Monsoon Multimedia demos new members of Vulkano line at CES

We covered Monsoon’s place-shifting, time-shifting, mobile-gadget-friendly line of TV “slingers” in July. The Vulkano boxes were a bit pricey, running from $259 to $379 depending on storage capacity. But Monsoon now has some new Vulkano gadgets lined up for the budget conscious gedgeteur with price points at $99 and $199. The lower end model, Flow, sends video to your mobile gadget. The higher end, Blast, includes DVR, Internet video from sites like Hulu, and DLNA for sending media in the other direction from your mobile to the television. Flow and Blast will be available from Monsoon later this month. The new iPhone, Blackberry, and Android applications will run $9.99 each. The iPhone Blog got a video demonstration of the two fresh units at CES in Las Vegas:

Via Android Central

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