Motorola Europe product director says Blur coming to Xoom

Frightening image via Gizmodo

Yikes, here’s an awkward moment in daily tech news. CNET is reporting that Motorola’s director of Android product management in Europe, Jonathan Nattrass, stated that Motorola’s socially obsessed UI, Blur, will come to the Xoom tablet in an update. Wait…an update?

So, if this story is correct, consumers will take home their shiny new tablet–the one that Google’s Dave Burke called the flagship device for showing off Honeycomb–and get used to it for a few days or weeks, then, after an OTA software update, the Honeycomb UI will be replaced by MotoBlur? That makes about as much sense as the fact that each of the above contradictory statements came from the very same event!

It sounds to me like someone has some ‘splainen’ to do, whether regarding a mix up of device names or confused plans. Let’s hope Google and Motorola straighten all of this out before the gadget hits shelves, and not after.

Via Gizmodo

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