Motorola i886 for Sprint available now

Available starting today, the Military grade Motorla i886 for Sprint can be yours for just $80 with a new two-year contract.

The i886 is a unique Direct Connect device that features a T9 keypad on the front, with a full slide-out QWERTY inside. Other note worthy features include a 1380mAh battery, 2MP camera, and the 810G dust, shock, vibration, temperature and pressure protection.

Quite possibly the most interesting thing about the i886 is the appearance of Android. While the device certainly looks to be running the OS, there is no mention of it on Sprint’s listing for it. When narrowing devices down by OS, the device is not listed under Android. Adding to that, Motorola doesn’t even have the device listed period.

Nevertheless, according to multiple other mobile blogs and a Sprint rep by the name of James, there’s Android inside.

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Via Electronista