New Samsung teaser site goes live

It’s already been pretty well solidified by several industry big mouths that the Galaxy S 2 will be on display at MWC. Information regarding the device has been scant. It looks like, until MWC kicks off, we’ll just have to sit back and wait for someone to leak something, somewhere–that is unless Samsung beats them to the punch.

In a recent post on SamsungUnpacked, a Sammy sponsored promotional site, a teaser for what is believed to be the the GS2 has gone live. The teaser features a picture of the original Galaxy S, with a picture of an undisclosed phone’s silhouette next to it and the text “EVOLUTION IS FATE.” From the information paired with the pictures, we learn that the next evolution of Samsung is coming to Barcelona on the thirteenth, and that a special teaser will be unveiled on the first. That’s right, Samsung will be pre-showing their new mystery device (possibly the Galaxy S 2) in less than two weeks from now.

If it’s not the Galaxy S 2, anyone wanna guess on what it could be? An international Infuse perhaps? A an i510 for all? Something completely unheard of, like an update to Froyo?

Via PhoneDog

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