Xperia Play leak includes better performance, “PlayStation Pocket”

One of the more recent things we heard about Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play, was that it wasn’t exactly living up to performance expectations. A benchmark test in the first half of December yielded a 24.4 frame rate. Ouch. But the phone has come a long way in the last month, now scoring 59.1 FPS in Neocore. And this bad boy isn’t even ready for prime time yet so it’s probably safe to expect more improvement. We do have new information about what’s under the hood.

Cinese website IT168 has confirmed an Adreno 205 GPU and a 1GHz CPU, which have assisted in reaching a Quadrant core of 1733. Other specs include a 4″ display at 854 X 480, 5MP AF cam with LED flash, 512MB RAM/ROM, and noise cancellation. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the leak is an application called PlayStation pocket. We can’t be certain that this is the name of the game store, but that’s a possibility.

Thankfully, IT168 recorded a bunch of videos to go along with this leak and Engadget re-upped them. Enjoy.

Via Engadget

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