Notion Ink Adam shipments delayed

Notion Ink’s Adam tablet, which features what appears to be a super-friendly Eden UI, has missed its anticipated ship date for pre-orders. Customers willing to jump in early were supposed to see their Adams this week, with January 10th set as the target date for shipments to begin. But Notion Ink has run into a little problem: Though the tablet headed to the FCC back in September, those little FCC numbers you see on the back of electronics devices–the ones that OEMs are legally bound to apply–are holding back delivery:

Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

This e-mail is to inform you that your shipment is ready, but we are awaiting final FCC and CE numbers which are to be printed on the device before we can ship them to you. The Holiday season in December pushed the administrative work and it will be cleared within this week.

We request your kind patience and cooperation till we inform you of your shipment.
As you may already know, the Notion Ink Adam was recently demonstrated to a lot of people at CES 2011, and the Adam was appreciated greatly and loved by everyone.

We really appreciate your continued support and effort that you have infused into creating the Notion Ink Community.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Support Team

Are any of you planning to withdraw your order after seeing Google’s tablet-friendly incarnation of Android, Honeycomb? It seems as though this may be your opportunity.

Via Android Police

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