Ping…pong: 3D G-Slate rumor reversal

David from TMoNews was the first man on the scene with any information on T-Mobile and LG’s coming G-Slate besides the little hints that the two companies presented us with at their announcement in Vagas at CES. David’s information indicated that the G-Slate would work in conjunction with a pair of 3D glasses, though he wasn’t certain about how.

Then, two days ago, word got out that LG France was claiming the tablet would not only display 3D videos–no glasses required–on its 8.9″ display, but that it could actually capture 3D video. Not having seen any images of the G-Slate, it was difficult to shoot that rumor down. But it sounds now as though someone was having a bit of fun with us, and that David’s original leak was right on the money, as is the norm for TMoNews.

Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly reported:

After doing some digging and talking with our sources I can now confirm that the G-Slate will not feature a glasses-free 3D display, but it will be able to take 3D pictures. LG and T-Mobile will still be providing some 3D content for the G-Slate, but it will require special glasses.

Given the histories of TMoNews and Android and Me, the rumor that supposedly originated from LG France can be safely eliminated from your expectations for the true launch of the G-Slate at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

Via Android and Me

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