Poll: Is your Nexus S randomly rebooting?

Taylor from Android and Me has been reporting via Twitter and his site that, since the last update, his Nexus S reboots randomly, and it happens every day. He’s not the only one, either. This issue was reported in Google’s support forums at the end of December and Google responded by saying that they have successfully reproduced the bug and are working with Samsung on a fix. That thread features comments by a lot of folks who are experiencing the same problem. You can find more affeced customers over at the Google Code Android site. Gingerbread’s shut down animation is pretty awesome, but no one wants to see it in the middle of a call or while browsing the web.

The problem appears to be a widespread issue. I just received my Nexus S review unit yesterday, and though I installed the update within an hour of setting the phone up, I have yet to experience a reboot. Of course I will report back if the device starts powering on and off for me, but for now, I’m curious about how many of you are having the problem. If you have installed all updates, please answer the poll below so we can get an idea of the scope of the problem.

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