Pre-CES sales: Vibrant and Galaxy Tab

What’s a carrier to do when every major handset manufacturer is on the brink of releasing products capable of pushing their current lineup into the dust bin? Beat them to the punch with massive discounts. Two incredibly popular Android devices are getting a healthy discount today, the Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy Tab.

Verizon’s Galaxy Tab is now available for $499 on contract – Roughly $100 less than it was originally being sold for. According to DroidLife, this isn’t just a promotion, so no rush on going out to grab one. Unfortunately for Verizon, with the hype surrounding the XOOM I don’t think this is going to do much to boost sales of the Tab. Perhaps once Moto’s tablet is in full swing, another price drop wouldn’t hurt.

Brought to our attention by TmoNews, T-Mobile has the Vibrant available online now for free with a two year contract. The four-inch SAMOLED Hummingbird rocking device has received great developer support in the last six months, making the extra $199 web-only discount very tempting. Of course rumors of devices like the Hawk and Vibrant Plus (rumored to launch with HSPA+) launching before too long doesn’t help make your decision any easier, but hey, free is free.

Via DroidLife, TmoNews

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