Root Reviews: Anim Mod

So far throughout Root Reviews, everything reviewed has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, with all the options for ROMs and devices that Android brings to you, that isn’t always the case. It’s a trade off that can be well worth it, but to say there isn’t very common compatibility issues would be lying. Today’s example of this situation, involves my myTouch 4G, CyanogenMod 7, and Anim Mod.

Anim Mod

Throughout the Android hacking and modding community, there is always different trends going around. Right now, it seems like one of those trends is custom animations. They’ve been around for a long time, but when ADW EX was launched, custom transition animations seemed to pop back up. After using CM7 with the Gingerbread screen off animation, then ADW with homescreen animations, and finally after Launcher Pro landed them, I was inspired to see how far things have come. That’s when I happened across a very promising app known as Anim Mod. Anim Mod is a rather simple app that changes a couple system files on whatever ROM you’re using, and adds one of seven custom screen animations: bounce, blur, drop in, flip, fly in & flip, fly in, and fold.

The only problem is that no matter what I do, I cannot get the app to work. After nearly an hour trying of to change everything I could, I have given up. I’ve tried downloading the newest Busy Box. I’ve tried turning animations on/off in the settings. I’ve tried multiple launchers… The only thing I didn’t try was changing my ROM. Just earlier in the day, I manually flashed Clockwork Recovery 3.x, installed the newest CM7 nightly, and I have everything set up just how I like it. Before doing that, I had MIUI installed (that will be a totally different post), so it wasn’t just a simple 5 minute flash to get everything on CM working how I like it. I could have used some backups and kept trying, but the trade off of losing Gingerbread to use custom screen transitions wasn’t worth it to me.

It’s like the help menu in Anim Mod says, “the reality is that it would be almost impossible to make sure it (Anim Mod) is compatible with every ROM and on every device.” When you are dealing with experimental ROMs like CyanogenMod nightlies, you can’t expect every single app you download to work flawlessly. This is one app I would have loved to whitelist, but unfortunately, I can’t. Because I’m not willing to take the trade off of changing my ROM for the app to work, I won’t be able to completely change the screen transitions on my myTouch 4G simply by using Anim Mod.

If it would have worked…

Just because I couldn’t get Anim Mod to work, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about what it does. As I said earlier, Anim Mod changes some of your system files, in order to change the transition animations on your Android device. Out of all seven animations, four of them are featured in videos found on YouTube. The four sample videos, that can also be found within the app itself, are as follows:


As far as options go, you’re pretty limited in what you can change. You can choose to have Anim Mod prompt to reboot after an animation is selected, zipalign framework, read/write mount after commands, turn custom fonts in Anim Mod on/off, and toggle the custom background in the app.


The most important thing to take away from this review goes out to new rooters: Not everything you download and play with will work exactly like you want it to. There is some good news to come of this situation — The developer, JRummy16, is very committed to his work. He has several other apps in the Market, and according to all the comments on Anim Mod and Twitter, he is always working to keep things operating properly. The good news is that there are great developers out there who are always looking to make their customers happy. They do it for the community, and not the $0.99 that comes in from people who are willing to make the commitment. Anim Mod may not work with my current setup, but I have a feeling that thanks to committed devs like JRummy, before long it will. Whenever you run into a compatibility issue, just remember that there are usually alternatives and, you’re probably not alone.