RunKeeper Pro will continue it’s free streak

Some time ago, think December 30th, we brought you a story here on DroidDog about how the incredibly popular mobile running app RunKeeper Pro was going to be free for a short time in order to promote healthy lifestyles. Well here we are almost a month later, and RunKeeper Pro has yet to go back up to the ten dollars it was originally priced at – and it never will.

According to a blog post from the app’s developers, the success they’ve had by making RunKeeper Pro free was so overwhelming, they are going to keep the app free. The ability to track your speed, calories burned, and pace, as well as GPS tracking, coaching, and audio cues are all free.

One of the key motivations behind the move to free is RunKeeper’s “long-term goal of building the biggest most engaged community of users.” When you have members of the community hooked on each other, future paid apps that support that are going to be an easier sale. Whatever the motivation is, it’s great to see the excellent app made available to more users.

To download RunKeeper Pro, scan the QR code below or use the direct market link from your Android device.

Market Link

Via LifeHacker

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