Samsung SCH-R910 and the Forte are one in the same – outed in video

Thanks to eighteen full color photos and two videos leaked onto Flickr, we now know that the upcoming Samsung R910 and Forte for MetroPCS are one in the same.

Originally, rumors were circulating that pointed to there being two different Samsung devices in production for MetroPCS – One with a physical keyboard, and one without. While that may still be the case, for now it seems we’ve only seen one device.

Whether or not we’ll see the rumored 1GHz processor packed inside is still a mystery, but we do know that the Forte will come with TouchWiz atop Android 2.2.1. If you take note of what you see on the battery cover in the picture below, you’ll also notice the device sporting a label indicating 4G.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any more leaks on pricing, specs, and release, but until then, check out the Samsung Forte on video conveniently playing a MetroPCS commercial.

Via Engadget

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