Samsung SCH-R910 does LTE on MetroPCS

MetroPCS has been working hard to beef up their lineup of devices while rolling out a fresh LTE network. They already carry two CDMA Android phones, including the LG Optimus M, and it looks like their first LTE device will be Android as well.

Pictures coming out of BGR today show that the Samsung SCH-R910 is essentially an LTE powered Galaxy S for MetroPCS. The R910, destined for a name change by launch time, features a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 5MP camera powered by Android 2.2. On-board storage is still a mystery, but you can always count on the microSD slot under the battery cover for a boost. According to BGR the R910 will launch sometime in Q1 for $329 to $399.

I can speak from personal experience with MetroPCS and say that in my home-town of Lansing, Michigan, Metro’s coverage is superior to some of the nation’s big four, as well as incredibly cheaper. I have family that’s been using Metro for quite some time now with little to no complaints. And considering things like how the list price for an LG Optimus M is near $250, but I can walk into a Metro dealer next to the liquor store and grab one for $180 means you’ll more than likely be able to land a great deal on a contract free Galaxy S device that will run on 4G. Any takers?


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