Samsung to produce new Sidekick, hopes of millions hang in balance

UPDATE: See clear photos of the Sidekick 4G

Leaks are usually pretty exciting. Even when an undercover gadget turns up with specs a bit short of what people were hoping for in their carrier’s (or favorite OEM’s) next Android, the sight of something new is thrilling. I, like many of you, love looking through leaked snapshots, renders, training session slides, and other materials, trying to figure out which device will become my next dream phone.

While the long-rumored Android-powered Sidekick hasn’t exactly been my “unicorn” (term for a hot phone raised to the status of a mythical gadget with features and specs so great that it simply can’t exist), I was really looking forward to it. With names like Project Emerald and Sidekick Twist associated to the covert project along its path, the device sounded tantalizing. And I loved the idea of SK’s return to the glory of a hefty pivoting display that snaps into place with the force of a Matchbox car crashing into the wall. I thoroughly enjoyed that action on my SKII and SKIII, though I could have done without the blinking lights and cartoony, tween-targeting graphics.

But today, David from TmoNews brings us some news that might take the wind from your sails, SK fans, as it has mine. The upcoming Sidekick is to be manufactured by Samsung–not Sharp–and the leaked image above seems to depict a slider. I could be wrong about that, and all of this is just a rumor at this point. But David is known for reliable leaks, and in this case, I kind of wish he wasn’t.

Will the next Sidekick be a light, plasticy slider with virtually no hardware resemblance to the series from which it takes its namesake, or will the chunky beater so many of us fell in love with make a brilliant Android comeback?

Via TmoNews

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