Samsung Vibrant 4G out and about?

The fine folks from over at BGR have put up a post today that features what they claim to be is a picture of the Vibrant 4G. The device certainly looks real, and when paired with the knowledge that the device may well be released February 23rd, it seems to be a done deal. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. You see, there’s good reason to believe the picture is a fake – Simply a Vibrant with a front-facing camera and custom ROM installed. But how could this come to be? For starters, let’s take a look at the picture BGR has scored from one of their trusted sources:

Just in case you didn’t notice, that is indeed a Samsung branded device, with a front-facing camera, running on T-Mobile, with vanilla Gingerbread. According to BGR, Samsung is working on TouchWizing Gingerbread up, which is what the device will ship with. The Gingerbread build running on the Vibrant 4G is more of a test build to make sure everything is compatible. Of course this could all be totally true, but those with a comprehensive knowledge of Vibrant modding know there could be another story at play. Take a look at these three pictures:

The first two pictures were taken from when I took it upon myself to install a front-facing camera in my Vibrant. The last picture is one found by Google Image searching “vibrant ffc.” So we’ve established that you can physically replicate the device in the Vibrant 4G picture by installing a FFC in your non-4G Vibrant. But what about the software? There are currently several Froyo based ROMs out for the Vibrant that come with Gingerbread themes pre-applied. Eugene’s Ginger_clone, for example, comes with the AOSP lock-screen, Nexus S wallpapers, and everything else Nexus that would possibly work. It’s also important to note that the clock format in the Vibrant 4G picture is the one used by Froyo, not Gingerbread. Mix 1 part Vibrant with FFC mod, with 1 part Ginger_clone, and you have successfully created the device in the picture BGR claims to be the Vibrant 4G.

Considering the TmoNews leak saying that the Vibrant 4G will launch 2/23, while the picture shows the device still has unfinished software (not to mention older leaks point to the device launching with 2.2), there’s a lot of evidence pointing towards the picture being a fake. There is the possibility that the device pictured really is the Vibrant 4G, so we’re going to have to reserve final judgement until the curtain has been officially lifted. Until then, what do you think? Real or bogus? Let us know in the comments below.

Via BGR, TmoNews

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