Samsung Vibrant will see Froyo starting tomorrow

In a recent talk between PCMag and T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman, it has been confirmed that the Samsung Vibrant will finally be updated to Froyo (2.2) starting tomorrow, January 21st.

The update will work just like the rest of T-Mobile’s updates have – It will roll out in waves with hopes of finishing distribution as soon as possible, while ensuring a smooth process overall. As the update is from 2.1 to 2.2, there is expected to be a major performance boost as well as all the other Froyo goodies we’ve come to know and love.

According to Brodman, the reason behind the delay on the update was purely a “quality control and timing issue… The biggest challenge is integration and customization.” In the future, T-Mobile hopes to update all compatible handsets three to five months after Google releases a new firmware. Brodman touched on the fact that having to frequently update their smartphones is a fairly new concept, but Samsung is “going to have to step up and change the way we do things.”

As the update rolls in tomorrow, be sure to check back with us as we bring you a status update on how things are working out. Should you receive the update before then, don’t hesitate to jump on into the comments and let us know how it went.

Via PCMag

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