ShopSavvy hits version 4, a major overhaul

Since it was launched as one of the first ten applications in the Android Market, ShopSavvy has gone on to be one of Android’s most popular apps with over ten million downloads. ShopSavvy won the Android Developer’s Challenge and still stands alone as the number one barcode scanning/price comparison application. The iOS flavor of the program is in Apple’s top 100, but Android users outnumber iPhone users four to one. That strong base of users (seven million active) paves the way for some serious crowd sourcing, and ShopSavvy takes increased advantage of this position in version 4, released yesterday.

ShopSavvy combines a 2D/3D barcode scanner with access to a database so users can scan the barcode on a product and check competitors’ prices in the area. Cooperation with companies like Groupon ensures that the app is always providing data on the greatest deals. The new version features 50% better product coverage and can even tell which locations have an item in stock. The scanning technology has been improved in the latest version, working equally well with fixed focal length and variable focal length cameras, thanks to client and server-side scanning technology.

Increased social network implementation, a keyword widget, revamped visual design, apps to SD card install option, and the ability to watch the scans currently occurring across the network are some of the other new features that signal the coming of this major update to Android’s popular shopping app. If you haven’t tried ShopSavvy before, now is an ideal time.

Download ShopSavvy now for free.

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