Sidekick 4G: clear photos [UPDATED with software image]

Well, that was fast. Just 16 minutes after leaking new details about the Sidekick 4G, including a blurry image that seemed to indicate that the Samsung manufactured device was a slider, David from TMoNews busts out a series of clear images of the gadget:

I’m still a bit concerned about the weight, and I’d love a pivoting display, but I’ve got to say that this looks pretty slick. We’ve got the standard four SK buttons (huge gaming potential), and the trackball appears to have been replaced by an optical trackpad. The old left side d-pad has been removed and I can’t make out any shoulder buttons on the top of the phone (when held in landscape mode). The keyboard looks pretty amazing, with excellent spacing and what appear to be some nice G1-esque keys. I miss the hard plastic bubble keys of the old SKIII, but they did cause blisters for some.

Via TMoNews

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