SnowballGL updated to 1.1.0, brings Chipmunk Physics 5.3.4 to Android NDK

The video above demonstrates the capabilities of a 2D rigid body physics library called Chipmunk Physics. It was written in C by Scott Lembcke of Howling Wolf Software. The code was designed for 2D gaming in iOS and has become quite popular. created the SnowballGL package (source code, Android Market) that ported Chipmuk to Android in version 1.0. The latest update, version 1.1.0, brings the following updates:

Updated to Chipmunk 5.3.4
Updated to NDK r5
Added basic touch ui
Added basic texture support
Added dynamic viewport size to demos
Fixed segfault in touchscreen events
Removed key events
Removed trackball events

And here is a demonstration of version 1.1.0 in an Android emulator:

Ok, so the SnowballGL 1.1.0 demo video may not get your blood pumping like Howling Wolf’s Chipmunk Physics video did, but it’s great to see this gaming engine running in the Android NDK, nonetheless. SnowballGL is free in the Android Market for devices with Android 1.6 and up.

Via esuah

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