Sony Ericsson: No more updates for the X10

When it comes to being the king of delayed pushed back completely botched updates, Sony Ericsson and Samsung have been duking it out for some time now. Samsung says they are working very hard to bring Froyo to their Galaxy S series devices, and considering today’s newest revelation on Sony Ericsson’s update schedule, I think we have a winner.

Android Community has word from Sony Ericsson that while they will be sending out an update to the X10 to enhance performance, it will not be anything higher than Android 2.1. According to SE UK’s Twitter account:

“We believe the features included in the Android 2.1 phone are on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of 2.2 #X10″

So there you have it folks, the SE Xperia X10 will officially stall out at 2.1. It was a good run, but it looks like Sony Ericsson will be moving on to bigger and better things.

Of course if you have a mind for tinkering, it doesn’t have to end here. There’s a big community out there dedicated to taking the X10 further, that already have Froyo ROMs out there waiting for you. For more info on how to take that route, you can follow up here.

Any X10 users out there? Thoughts, concerns? Sound off in the comments below.

Via Android Community

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