Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc camera demoed on video

Sony Ericsson’s Arc is, without a doubt, one sexy piece of gear. Those curved lines, the thin body, SE’s custom UX, an 800 X 480 display; all of this adds up to a device that fulfills Sony Ericsson’s reptation for beautiful design. With decent specs (including the possibility of mega-multitouch) and the latest version of Android on board, Sony Ericsson appears to be coming out of the gate swinging with Arc. Perhaps, if launched soon enough, this Android can remain relevant for far longer than the outdated-at-launch X10. With the Play and Arc on deck, it looks like SE has learned from the mistakes of their initial foray into the world of Android and are ready to rock our socks off.

In the video above, SE shows off the low-light friendly 8MP camera of the device, which happens to be running Android 2.3, Gingerbread. The camera is very fast in favorable lighting conditions. Oh, and in watching the video, you’re seeing the 720p video capture of Arc. Don’t forget to select 720p from the resolution menu.

Via Sony Ericsson

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