Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc: in-depth hands-on

Say what you will about their effectuality regarding Android updates, Sony Ericsson knows how to make sexy phones. And unlike their Android debut, the Xperia X10, SE’s Arc is coming out of the gate with the latest version of Android–2.3. Of course that won’t matter if the gadget doesn’t hit shelves (presumably AT&T and Sony Style) until next winter, but I think it’s safe to give Sony Ericsson the benefit of the doubt and trust that they learned from their X10 errors until we see evidence to the contrary.

The Arc is a single-core Gingerbread Android with a sleek custom user interface and vastly improved performance and responsiveness over previous Androids. No release date, carrier info, or pricing has been released. This video from is the most in-depth footage we’ve seen of the gadget so far.

Via Android and Me

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