Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is ready for all of your fingers and toes

Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Xperia Play–a.k.a the PlayStation Phone, Zeus, and Z1–continues to reveal unexpected features, despite a myriad of previous leaks. The latest comes from Swedish Android site, Swedroid, who noticed evidence of something special in Kotaku’s tear down of the gaming gadget: Cypress True Touch technology. After some digging, Swedroid found some juicy details about the Cypress True Touch family of products. Namely, that it supports up to 32 points of simultaneous tracking. MMT (massively multi-touch)?

Of course support for three or four points is sufficient for most games (even multiplayer), and other apps. If Swedroid’s analysis is correct, then the Xperia Play will be ready for the next generation of Android games, and possibly the next one after that. 32 points could facilitate a number of commercial applications, large screen multiplayer gaming, and a host of other technology. Despite the large number of leaks concerning this gadget, we have yet to see any gameplay featuring a game designed specifically for the Play.

Via Android Community (reported as regarding SE’s Arc phone)

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