Sprint working to release Froyo for the Epic “ASAP”

Now that T-Mobile has announced they’d finally be pushing Froyo out to Vibrants everywhere tomorrow, the other carriers representing Galaxy S devices are going to start feeling the pressure. Sprint has gone so far as to already make an announcement over Twitter saying that they are “working to release Froyo for Epic ASAP, but only after it meets rigorous testing criteria to ensure quality experience.”

Sound familiar? Cole Bordman of T-Mobile was quoted as saying that it was a “quality control” issue that held their update back as well. It’s starting to look like all we’re going to hear from carrier representatives is that it’s taken so long because of quality control standards.

One could argue that modders have been building perfectly functioning Froyo builds based off of leaks for months now, but I suppose it’s better to appreciate the fact that the updates are starting to roll in. It’s only a matter of time now until T-Mobile and Sprint users will be enjoying some Froyo on their device – Verizon, AT&T, you guys ready?

Via Twitter

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