Verizon doing away with smartphone rebates?

Don’t worry, the title isn’t meant to mislead you. If a recently leaked internal document is right, Verizon really is doing away with smartphone rebates. You wouldn’t be paying more for your devices, instead anything with a net cost over $150 dollars would already have the normal $50 rebate included in the price – Theoretically.

As this news comes from a leaked screen-grab, we can’t be sure exactly how it would work. The only information we have is that “Smartphones net priced $150 and above will have no rebates,” and “Smartphones net priced $149.99 and below will have $50 rebates.”

If the rebate was already reflected in a change of pricing on smartphones, there’d be no room to argue that the change wasn’t for the better. Paying $50 more than the advertised price for a shiny new DROID (whether it was only for the first 6-8 weeks or not) has never been considered a perk. Something tells me we’ll know more about this by the time February 3rd rolls around. Anyone looking to grab a new phone from Verizon, you may wanna hold off for a minute – Could end up saving you a headache.

Via Android Central

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