Video: Another glimpse of the LG G-Slate 3D camera

MysteryGuitarMan is considering starting a semi-daily vlog content stream in addition to his music videos, and in the first test, he talks quite a bit about 3D video. Near the end of that video, he shows of a couple off pieces of gear he has for producing 3D content and one of them seems to be T-Mobile’s upcoming LG G-Slate. The Honeycomb-rocking tablet isn’t due out until March 23rd, but the mumbling mystery master of YouTube music already has one in posession. There has been a lot of talk about what kind of 3D features the tablet will feature: 3D video capture, 3D display requiring glasses, 3D still capture with glasses-free viewing…Unfortunately no one from T-Mobile or LG has given us a clear look at the device, so for the time being, we’ll be squinting at stills from videos like this.

Via Engadget

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