Video: YouTube’s Life in a Day, first teaser

Last July, YouTube had users submit videos that they felt represented the beauty of their daily routines. Over 80,000 videos were shot and submitted in a single day. These videos would need to be sorted through before edited and assembled for used in Life in a Day, a crowd-sourced feature film that will debut at the Sundance film festival on January 27th. YouTube narrowed the number of clips to 1,125 and the film has now been completed.

You can see the world premiere at 5pm PT on Thursday, January 27, and rebroadcasts will be shown at 7pm on Friday, January 28, in all time zones at the Life in a Day YouTube channel. After that, if you miss the chance, you’ll have to wait until the film is released later this year. After seeing the clip below, I’m thinking the film might be too interesting to miss. Can the YouTube community express what it means to live a day on Earth?

Via YouTube Blog

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