YouTube kicks off Sundance with “8 Bits” and Screening Room

The folks over at YouTube have set up an exclusive Screening Room account in cooperation with the Sundance Film Institute for the purpose of showcasing hot new videos that the Sundance has recognized as worthy.

The channel will see at least one new film each each week until the following short films (as listed at the YouTube Blog) have run their course:

Four career-starting short films from past Sundance Film Festivals
Four short films from past participants in the Sundance Director’s Lab
Twelve short films from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Also check out this week’s four shorts, which represent up-and-coming directors, as recognized by Sundance. Keep checking back each Monday for new videos. For now, enjoy the Hi-Def side-scrolling action of 8 Bit, embedded above. Also note that pausing the video at 0:00 and pressing your up and left arrows initiates a game of the classic Snake!

Via The YouTube Blog

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