Ad free version of Angry Birds coming soon?

When Rovio first released Angry Birds on Android, it was an experiment in profits through advertising. The company proved they could do it, but there are still those of us out there who would gladly pay a couple dollars to get rid of those pesky ads. It looks like that time may finally be upon us.

If a tweet from Rovio’s @RovioMobile Twitter account holds any weight, we could see a paid version of Angry Birds for Android sometime next month. The exact wording and context goes like this:

@rbtdev: @TheTechChat @RovioMobile same here. I certainly don’t mind paying a few bucks or so to keep the ads away.

@RovioMobile: @rbtdev @thetechchat give us another month and we’ll be there

Would anyone out there pick this up if it were true, or has the Angry Birds train rolled on? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Android Community

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