Android apps running on BlackBerries

Earlier this month, word got out that Research in Motion was working to bring Android applications to their upcoming Playbook tablet by way of Java virtual machines. And now, there appears to be some evidence that someone–or a group of people–are in the process of testing at least one hugely popular Android application, ShopSavvy, on the BB 8300, 8600, and 8520. All of them were running the program in Waterloo, Ontario. This info comes from Flurry analytics by way of ShopSavvy.

Does this mean that we will eventually be seeing Android applications on all sorts of BlackBerry devices? Is there a bug in the Flurry system? Or is something else going on here? It’s also worth noting that ShopSavvy’s logs show no errors were caused by the unholy alliance.

Via ShopSavvy.

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