Angry Birds Super Bowl commercial to feature secret level and more

Just in case you haven’t already gathered, Angry Birds has taken the world by storm. The insanely popular game is on nearly every platform imaginable — consoles, computers, phones — there are board-games, plushies, shirts. . . the list goes on. So how do you keep the Angry train rollin’ on? Take over the Super Bowl.

In partnership with 20th Centuary Fox, a 30-second commercial is set to air during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl featuring the newest version of the Angry Birds game, tied in with the upcoming movie, Angry Birds Rio.

What’s more, the commercial will feature a hidden code that allows access to a secret Angry Birds level. Once the level is unlocked, you’ll have a chance to enter a sweepstakes for a trip to Rio de Janiero for the premiere of the movie on March 22nd (also the release date of the game). According to AdAge, the code will be hidden well, as users must sift through the spot frame by frame to find it. Once the code is revealed, don’t expect it to stay secret for long.

Now that Angry Birds has gone mainstream, what do you guys think? Too far, or are you hungry for more? Let us know in the comments below.

Via The Droid Guy

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