AOSP ROM for Motorola DROID available now

Motorola has been in hot water lately for not updating their phones. One device that’s never been subject to that treatment is the original DROID on Verizon. The DROID has always been one of the first phones to get updates, but it looks like that may be finally coming to an end with the release of Gingerbread.

Fear not though faithful DROID fans, even if Motorola doesn’t update your old friend to a new firmware, Peter Alfonso is here to save the day.

Peter has been working hard on crafting an entirely AOSP Gingerbread ROM for the Motorola DROID, and now that it’s ready to roll it couldn’t be better. According to Droid-Life, some very minor changes have been made, but for the most part this is as stock as you’re gonna get.

For more info on the ROM and links on where to download, visit Peter’s website now.

Via Droid-Life

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