Atrix 4G laptop dock under fire for compatibility issues

One of the biggest advantages of buying a phone in person as opposed to online is the demo units. I get asked at least once a day what phone someone should buy. My response is usually the same: go to a store, find the phones you’re looking at, and see which one gives you a better feeling. The only way you can falsely advertise with a demo unit is by displaying something other than your selling. Unfortunately, such may be the case for the Motorola Atrix 4G laptop dock.

It’s being reported all around the web today that the Atrix docks on display in AT&T stores are not the same as the ones you’ll be taking home. The demo units for the dock feature multi-touch support on the trackpad, allowing for two finger scrolling. The docks being sold do not have trackpads compatible with multi-touch.

As Engadget has said, there are three possible explanations behind this:

“either these units are physically different hardware, they’re running a prerelease firmware upgrade, or they’ve got a feature that was pulled at the last minute, possibly because it didn’t work very well.”

According to Motorola, the dock is not compatible with multi-touch, and never will be. Hopefully Motorola and AT&T get this sorted out before someone cries demo-gate and tarnishes Ma Bell’s reputation even more.

Purchasers of the dock, what do you have to say?

Via Engadget

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