Baconreader progress update, no estimate on alpha release

Last week, we told you about Baconreader, an Android Reddit application in development. While the program hasn’t even reached the alpha stage, it is gaining the attention of Reddit (there is a rapidly growing Baconreader subreddit) and the Baconreader website is ready to rock. So even though the latest progress update comes in the form of a couple of UI mock-ups, there is hope that we will see this lovely client make it’s way into the Android Market, and that it could turn out to be the premiere Reddit app for Android.

The features we see here, including previews, saving, hiding, sharing, and threaded comments exceed those of any other mobile Reddit client, and make Baconreader the app to watch for Redditors. Subscribe to the Baconreader subreddit and follow @meinhyperspeed for updates.

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