BeeWi lets you drive a Mini Cooper via Bluetooth and Android

Call it a toy, call it a modernized RC car, call it a mini Mini Cooper. However you refer to BeeWi’s Bluetooth Controlled Car BBZ201, this 1/20th scale model of the original can certainly be called fun. This little bugger can be controlled by devices running Android 2.1+, Nokia Symbian^3, and S60 3rd & 5th editions after a simple Bluetooth pairing. Use on-screen buttons, use your gadget’s accelerometer, or use a combination of the two to chase the kids and torment your cat for up to three hours at a time on three AAA batteries.

The car can be ordered from Amazon (UK) for roughly $68.00 USB (pre-shipping). Check BeeWi’s 11/2010 phone compatibility list first.

Via Android Community