Bluetooth Game Gripper looking for funding

Game Gripper is by far one of the coolest phone accessories to come out in a long time. Just in case you don’t recall, Game Gripper is a slide on video game controller that fits snuggly over your phone’s physical keyboard. If you are into emulation at all, it’s a must own. Unfortunately, if your phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, you’re left in the dark. Sure there are alternatives, like those crazy Wiimote mods, but something like a slim Bluetooth controller that firmly holds your phone in place would be nice. With the help of a little funding, that’s exactly what Game Gripper plans to make.

GG is on Kickstarter right now trying to fund their Bluetooth enabled controller to the tune of $30,000. If the goal is met by March 2nd, then the unit will go into production. So far there’s been nearly $4,000 raised with 13 days left to go. For a pledge of $47 dollars, a Bluetooth Game Gripper can be yours as soon as they are available. If you’d like to read more on how you can help fund the project, visit Kickstarter now.

Via Engadget

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