Coast to Coast AM for Android: February launch tease

Attention lovers of bizarre talk radio; UFOlogists, Bigfoot hunters, witches, and time travelers: We’ve got a little status update regarding the Android application that will allow fans of Coast to Coast AM to download MP3s of shows that were broadcast in the previous 90 days, listen to live shows, gawk at bizarre audience-submitted photos, and more. But don’t get too excited: The host of C2C, George Noory, first announced the development of this app back in mid-2010. After that, we were told on numerous occasions that a launch was just around the corner. Here we are six months later, and on Friday, January 4th, George says the end is near:

…I’m told that our Android app is getting very close to being finalized. It should even happen this month. I’ll have more information soon. If you’re interested in becoming a Coast Insider and [you want to use that Android app,] it will be pretty soon. Just go to and you can sign up to be a Coast Insider.

Hold your horses, folks. Don’t sign up for Coast Insider (previously Streamlink) just so you’ll be ready when the app comes out. Delays are possible and we don’t want you wasting your hard-earned money. On the other hand, the auto-renewing subscription ($6.95 per month, $29.95 per six months, and $54.95 per year) will give you access to shows on the website including Somewhere in Time episodes featuring Art Bell, live chats with George Noory every two weeks, an iTunes podcast subscription, and access via the iPhone app.

It hasn’t been stated whether or not the Android app would be identical to the iPhone app, but there have been hints at some video content. George is carrying “a Droid” as his daily driver these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more to say about the app before and after it is released.

Here are some snaps of the aging iPhone C2C application:

Via Coast to Coast AM (radio)

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