Dyzplastic updates Series 02 preview

Just in case you don’t know who Dyzplastic is, they’re the company behind all of the awesome and unique Android figures you’ve no doubt seen plastered across the web. Every now and again, the company likes to put out limited edition figures for fanboys and fangirls to gobble up and show off to their fanfriends. Well coming soon, Dyzplastic is going to release an entire new series of figures, and they’ve just released a second round of previews on what’s going to be included.

The newest series includes a blue Android known as Bluebot by none other than Google, Inc; a green race car Android called Racer from Jeff Yaksick for the Android Team; and some sort of twisted Tim Burton-esque figure being titled Rupture from Doktor A.

If you have any interest in grabbing a case of these little guys, you better do so as soon as they become available. Judging by how fast they’ve sold out in the past, don’t expect them to stay around for long. To check out more of the Series 02 previews, hit up Dyzplastic’s blog now.

Via Dyzplastic

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