Eric Schmidt’s MWC keynote reveals Android merge, 6 mo. cycle

At the last keynote of the day for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Eric Schmidt put to rest concernes regarding the forking of Android into tablet and phone versions, indicating that Android Ice Cream Sandwich (or simply “I”) will basically bring Gingerbread and Honeycomb together, merging the briefly separated tablet and phone flavors of the OS. With 150,000 apps available and 350,000 new activations *a day*, Android’s popularity, and potential for fragmentation, has never been greater. So any decision that limits fragmentation within Google’s walls is a good one. On top of that announcement, Schmidt Android will continue with it’s six month release cycle, rather than dropping down to the yearly cycle settled upon in the middle of 2010.

Schmidt also showed off a new video editing application for Android tablets that allows for adding still images and adding simple effects.

Via Mashable and Phandroid

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