Fail of the day: Dell marketing stunt goes horribly wrong

It’s been popular for a long time now to use crazy marketing stunts for hyping people up. Flash mobs, fake focus groups, a visit to your home; You get the point. Well in order to promote a “new Dell Streak tablet which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles,” Dell tired to use one of these marketing stunts — Only instead of hyping people up for a new product, employees were sent into a panicked frenzy that led to two men going to jail.

According to KXAN NBC in Round Rock, Texas, a man dressed as a biker wearing a skull-printed mask over his face was carrying two metallic objects and ordering everyone in Dell’s Building1 to “go to the lobby.” Unaware of what was going on, several calls to 911 were placed from inside the building, leading local police to take action. Upon arrival of the officers, the stunt was exposed and the biker, Bryan Chester, along his supervisor, Daniel Rawson, were taken into custody. Both Chester and Rawson are being charged with misdemeanors of Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conduct.

How about that Streak, eh?

Two arrested in Dell marketing stunt:


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