Google preaches open source gospel in D.C.

Last December, GNU/Linux/FLOSS contributor and advocate Jeremy Allison sat down with Google’s biggest FOSS wig, Chris DiBona to discuss a year of open source software at the Big G, including the Google Summer of Code, WebM, and all sorts of other issues and projects that come under Chris’ purview as the company’s open source and public sector programs manager. You can check out the five part video interview here.

This February’s Tech@State Open Source conference in Washington D.C. brought together influential and forward-thinking tech gurus with policy makers and press for the purpose of furthering the cause of open source software in government, education, health, and welfare for countries and organizations around the globe. In the video above, Allison and DiBona explain the benefits of open source software over proprietary counterparts, both in terms of development/product comparison and business models. Oh, and there are a few seconds dedicated to exploring the differences between socialism and communism. It’s a fascinating hour of video.

Via Open Source at Google

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