Google uses Renderscript to show off Google Body and more

Tucked in among the many wonderful things announced and demoed at the Google Android event held in Mountain View earlier today, was Honeycomb’s new 3D graphics library: Renderscript.

Renderscript is what allows for all the flashy new UI elements Honeycomb boasts, as well as the incredibly smooth graphics behind apps and games like Google Body and Monster Madness.

You may remember 3D body exploration being teased by Google before in regards to the release of WebGL, and now it looks like the “Google Maps of the human body” will be fully operational on Honeycomb based devices thanks to Renderscript. As far as what Google Body does, the app essentially lets you dissect the human body and explore all levels of the muscular and skeletal structure.

If human anatomy isn’t your thing, don’t worry because Renderscript was also used to show off some incredibly impressive games. Thanks to the utilization of the Nvidia Tegra 2, games coming out designed for Honeycomb based tablets feature tons of on-screen avatars, intense battle scenes, and other graphic heavy elements all operating as smooth as can be.

Anyone excited for Google Body or the newest crop of Android gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

Via SlashGear

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