How to root the Motorola Xoom

Well that didn’t take long. Master modder Koush set his sights on the Motorola Xoom, and there’s already a fairly detailed how to rooting process posted online to prove it. As far as the level of difficulty involved with rooting the Xoom is concerned, you should have a relatively in-depth knowledge of how ADB works before you get going. It should also be said, yet again, the rooting will void your warranty. What’s more, there’s a chance it will hurt your eligibility to get that free 4G upgrade that should be available by May. You’ve been warned.

Here’s how it works:

1. … Unlock your bootloader first. [Instructions]
2. Download this file to your computer:
3. Extract the contents into your Android SDK Tools folder.
4. Open a command prompt from within your Android SDK Tools folder.

*Make sure nothing is selected and hold SHIFT+Right click – select “Open command window here.”

5. Type: adb reboot bootloader
6. Type: fastboot flash boot rootboot.img
7. Type: fastboot reboot
8. Wait for your device to reboot all the way.
9. Type: adb remount
10. Type: adb push su /system/bin
11. Type: adb shell ln –s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su
12. Type: adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
13. And now this next step you have a couple of options.

Option A: Push Superuser.apk in adb. Type: adb push Superuser.apk /system/app
Option B: Exit adb and download Superuser app from the market.

14. Enjoy being rooted!

Via Droid-Life

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