HTC Aria to be updated tomorrow

Just yesterday, AT&T posted a video on Facebook featuring their “Android guy,” Dante Martin, answering some questions AT&T customers have about their Android devices. As you can imagine, nearly all of them were centered around updates — or the lack thereof.

Right off the bat, an incredibly interesting answer was given towards a question about the Aria and its update to 2.2. When asked about a time-frame for the Aria’s update to Froyo, Martin responded by saying the Aria in his pocket is running 2.2, and that the update would be available very soon. He wasn’t kidding.

Announced by AT&T today, starting tomorrow the HTC Aria will be able to be updated to Froyo 2.2. The details are scarce at the moment, but come tomorrow we’ll know a lot more. Hearing this after news of the Samsung Captivate’s update to Froyo is great for AT&T users. Ma Bell wanted to prove 2011 was going to be the year of the Android, and so far things are looking great. Stay tuned to DroidDog as we’ll be sure to give you the full details on the update as soon as they’re available.

Via Facebook

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