HTC investing $40m in OnLive

Just yesterday, HTC announced a new partnership formed with digital multimedia delivery company Saffron Digital. Today, the company has its sights set on another digital media distribution outfit: OnLive.

OnLive is a company specializing in cloud-based gaming. OnLive hosts games in the cloud, allowing you play from your TV, computer, iPad, and coming soon Android tablet. So why would HTC want in on the action? Theoretically, it’s to help the company continue to expand on Sense UI.

Eventually, HTC plans on seeing Sense running on everything down to the TVs in your living room. In a world of well established television manufacturers, HTC is going to need something to set them apart — Something like cloud-based gaming and audio/video streaming services. If you’re music, movies, and video games all come from the software built into your TV, well that’s certainly an incentive to purchase said TV.

There’s no telling how else HTC may utilize their new stake in the company, but with OnLive “coming soon” to Android tablets, there’s a good chance we’re gonna hear a lot more from HTC in the coming months.

How about it, would you buy an HTC TV running Sense UI? Let us know in the comments below.

Via CrunchGear

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