Is doubleTwist poised to become the next big thing?

Today marks a big day for media management company doubleTwist. Between the mobile and desktop clients of the increasingly popular application, there are now one million active users. In the grand scale of entertainment consumers, one million may not seem like much, but doubleTwist is still growing. And fast too.

In the fourth quarter of 2010 alone, doubleTwist saw a 300% user growth. How does the company plan on keeping this growth rate up? By bringing in some seasoned veterans to upper-management, and adding new features like AirTwist — A function that allows for console to TV streaming and wireless data sync.

The corporate shuffle taking place at doubleTwist won’t affect the way you use the client right away, but with bright new minds always comes bright new ideas. Not only will the former CEO of Sling, Blake Krikorian, be joining the board of directors, but we’ll also see the addition of other media bigwigs like Stuart Collingwood, also of Sling, and Lucas Dickey from Amazon MP3.

Does one of most popular media players on the the Android Market have what it takes to take the top spot? With the little green guy backing them, it seems it’ll only be a matter of time. How about you? Do you doubleTwist?

Via TechCrunch

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