LG Optimus Pad transforms in newest promo video

LG teasing another one of their devices before MWC? You don’t say!

If you don’t know LG’s entire MWC lineup by now, you must not be paying attention. Today the company has released yet another video for the Optimus Pad, or G-Slate, this time featuring a little star-power: Optimus Prime, or at least a look-alike. At first glance, the video would appear to be showcasing some sort of partnership between Transformers and LG. After you realize it says “This preview has been approved for all audiences by the Three Monkeys Association of America, inc.,” followed by “Dreamwords” and “Padamount,” you start to get the point. I won’y give away the rest of the video, so you’ll just have to watch and see if you can spot all the other humorous jabs at Hollywood. Be sure to keep and eye out for the apple at the end too.

Via Phandroid

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