LG posts new Optimus 3D commercial

And it’s official: LG is working hard to make sure they have the weirdest commercials in 2011. It all started with their “Something bigger is coming on your way” video featuring stripped down pictures of the Optimus 3D on fake newspapers. Yes, the one with the distorted news anchor voice yelling at you. We also can’t forget the Optimus Pad spot released yesterday that was a spoof of a Transformers trailer. It gets better.

Today, LG has released a commercial for the Optimus 3D that would normally make a lot of sense, but the way it’s executed leaves you scratching your head. There’s lots of pink, a yoga tutorial, some out of sync voice-overs. . . I will say one thing, the video is highly memorable. Don’t take my word for it, check it out below; “It’s better for real.”

Via Android Police

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