LG Revolution 4G will launch Verizon’s VoLTE

For long time Verizon customers, the ability to make mobile calls while transferring data is just a dream, experienced only by those on other networks. But that’s about to change with a new protocol that will eschew Verizon’s old cell-based infrastructure in favor of voice calls over 4G Internet. This service is currently being referred to internally as VoLTE (Voicer over Long Term Evolution). The faster network will allow for video calls, voice calls, and data transfers, with simultaneous streams of multiple types of data.

According to CNN, LG’s Android-powered Revolution 4G will be the first device to ship with VoLTE capability when it launches mid-year. Revolution will use VoLTE by default, only switching over to the older network when out of range of upgraded technology.

Via Phandroid

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