LG: “Something bigger is coming”

So Samsung says something big is coming, eh? Well LG says something bigger is coming — Something “dual core-multi channel.”

That’s right, another dual-core device is being teased by LG right before MWC, and if videos and leaks line-up, we may be looking at the LG Optimus 3D. According to Phandroid and Engadget, the device pictured in the video below is indeed the dual-core processing, multi-channel RAM boasting, 3D display sporting Optimus 3D leaked just two days ago. The Optimus 3D as it appears in the video is altered as to not spoil any surprises, but had it not been you would have seen 3D cameras on the back to go along with that 4-inch plus 3D display.

Expect to know on the Optimus 3D once MWC rolls around.

Via Engadget

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